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Dreams and Self Exploration

A succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations. The subconscious / conscious playing out in the theater of a dream to reason with the past and inform the present.

Embers 1222 (2).jpg

Detail:  Embers  / Acrylic on Board


Work on Paper
Dream Surfing Series

Dream Surfing Series

I Find Solace in the Night 123.jpg

I Find Solace in the Night  123

Mixed Media on Board
14 x 11.75 inches

Peel the Curtain
Acrylic on Board
20 x 18.5 inches

In a Better Place
Acrylic on Canvased Board
20 x 18

Acrylic on Board
37.5 x 23.75 inches


Mr. Diengly
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 30 inches

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